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In the world of high value textile materials, precision technology is essential to produce premium quality fibres which can meet all necessary demands and regulatory standards. FET provides all the expertise and dedication to ensure that our customers achieve these objectives.

Suppliers of high performance equipment for the manufacture of technical textile materials

Our management team has considerable experience in the industry, while all research and technical staff are rigorously trained on an ongoing basis. With this solid foundation we are able to supply a variety of systems in laboratory, pilot, and production scale:



Melt spinning systems for multifilament and monofilament yarns
Bi-component and tri-component melt spinning technology
Melt spinning systems for non-woven synthetic materials
Extrusion of yarns for use in medical devices including absorbable / resorbable polymers
The FET Process Development Laboratory – for client R&D


Our Unique Selling Point

The FET Extrusion Module allows multiple process options from a single extruder system, saving time, space and money.



“High Capability, Multifunctional, Cost-Effective and Flexible”

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