Applications and Markets

Extrusion equipment solutions 

Utilising the latest Computer Aided Design systems and with access to a modern manufacturing plant, FET offers excellent value solutions to a range of synthetic fibre manufacturing issues.

Our customers

FET customers manufacture high value textile materials, in demanding and precise environments. They expect us to provide yarn and fibre engineering knowhow and extrusion equipment which will allow them to consistently produce fibres of the highest quality and to be able to meet required regulatory standards.

We have clients in over 30 different countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. We understand the importance of building up close relationships with different individuals, intermediaries and cultures, and can provide global reference installation sites. We deal on a regular basis with customers on all levels of responsibility, from CEO’s to General Managers, Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Product Development, laboratory and research & development personnel. As a result, a high proportion of our client base is represented by repeat order business over many years.

Typical Applications for extruded yarn innovation

  • Biomedical materials, such as resorbable polymers for use in medical devices
  • Specialized novel fibres from exotic and difficult to process polymers
  • Sustainable polymers, biodegradable and composting materials
  • Melt spun fibres and yarns and textiles for a wide range of composites
  • Functional textile materials, provided by polymer formulation or additives



FET in a changing world

Like all successful companies, FET has to move with the times and adapt to changing conditions and demands of our customers. We tend to concentrate more on laboratory, pilot systems and compact production lines. However we are always prepared to be flexible and finding the right solution for our customers is inevitably the number one priority. We work closely with customers and try to gain an in-depth understanding of what they need and how we can help them to achieve this.

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