Process Development Laboratory

Our customers believe strongly in the importance of innovation and FET shares this conviction. We respond to your scientific and production requirements and work closely with you to find optimum solutions. We constantly review our product portfolio and extend our range of services when the opportunity arises.

The FET process development laboratory

The FET in-house laboratory facility is a vital element of our service, enabling a high level of equipment and process development for our customers. Installed in this facility is a complete range of pilot extrusion lines capable of facilitating all aspects of research and development. All resources are put at your disposal to allow complete freedom of testing, evaluation and development to maximise the prospects of a successful outcome.



The FET laboratory is used by customers for numerous process and product development projects, such as:

  • Pilot systems for multi and monofilament
  • Systems for bi-component & non-woven uses
  • Melt injection systems for liquid additives
  • Process and product development
  • Proof of concept testing
  • Sampling and prototyping
  • Textile material engineering
  • Collaborative research
  • Testing / evaluation of polymers & additives
  • Risk testing and elimination
  • Specialist partner in the development of sustainable fibres


All customer projects are of course treated in the strictest confidence and a high level of security remains in operation at all times.

If you require any further information about our process development laboratory and how it can assist your company, please do not hesitate to contact FET.