Bi & Tri – Component Melt Spinning Technology

Bi-Component & Tri-Component melt spinning 

FET designs and manufactures high technology bi and tri component extrusion systems for the production of conjugate technical filaments. Equipment is available to produce from a variety of polymer types including difficult to process materials. FET has established a global reputation in bi-component and tri-component melt spinning technology and has numerous systems operating worldwide.

  • Conjugate melt spinning a tool for engineering functional textile materials
  • Allows maximisation of polymer properties
  • Available for multifilament, monofilament and fibres in both production and pilot scale
  • Capable of producing a variety of bi component types, such as sheath core, island in sea, side by side, segmented and others



Typical applications of bi-component and tri-component extrusion equipment

Conjugate Yarns made on FET systems are used for a variety of technical applications:

  • Functional textile materials
  • Bio medical materials
  • Yarns for composite materials
  • Filtration applications
  • Woven and knitted fabrics

For more details about bi and tri-component melt spinning technology, please contact FET for advice.