Special Extrusion Projects

Extruded yarn / fibre development and innovation

For most specialist fibre and yarn producers, the capability of finding optimum process solutions to a wide range of operational challenges is particularly important if efficiency and profitability is to be achieved. Your production requirements will be very specific to your own industry, materials and customers, so a bespoke approach will likely provide the best solutions.

Special extrusion project examples

  • Melt spinning technology for fluoro polymers for high specification filtration
  • Resorbable non-woven structures for biomedical applications
  • Development of resin fibres for use in composites
  • Process systems for sustainable polymers


Bespoke, innovative solutions for specialist manufacturers

Within this framework, FET offers a totally bespoke service, finding and implementing processing solutions for manufacturers of high value yarns and performance textiles. Our customers are spread throughout the world, but tend to have in common a requirement for operational systems that will enable them to push the boundaries in yarn production and testing. This involves a great deal of non-standard work and special projects of all kinds for companies in the medical, scientific and other specialist industries.


We are always willing to discuss your bespoke fabric requirements on a strictly confidential basis and have a proven track record of finding optimum solutions to a wide range of specialist challenges. Please do not hesitate to contact FET.


FET fibre extrusion services

Over the past two decades, FET has built up an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing pilot and compact production systems, capable of extruding a range of textile materials:

  • Melt spinning systems – bespoke design, high specification, bi-component technology
  • Melt blown and spun bonded systems – pilot and limited scale production with high flexibility
  • Melt injection of liquid additives – applicable to all equipment types


Spunbond Nonwoven systems. FET is also an expert in spunbond technology with equipment in the field covering a range of biomedical applications.

Wet spinning systems for specialist projects. At FET we design and manufacture pilot and small scale production lines for wet spun fibres. We also make a lab scale version which is more suitable for the early stages of formulation and process development. Wet spinning systems are applicable for a wide range of specialist fibre types, ranging from corrosive aqueous salt solutions (such as alginate fibres), to acidic systems (like engineered silk). They are also suitable for systems using flammable or toxic solvents (such as UHMWPE).