Multifilament Extrusion Lines

Melt spinning technology for Multifilament

FET’s state of the art melt spinning systems are ideal for processing multifilament formats. They are well developed, proven and field tested systems, capable of delivering high specification technical filaments. As always, the emphasis is on bespoke design to match your requirements, final product quality and energy efficiency throughout.

Filament Properties and Polymer Types

Systems are available to process a large variety of polymer types including Polyester, Polyamide, Polyolefin, Polyethylene, Biomaterials, Bi-Component etc. Many filament cross sections can be produced.  The equipment is configured according to the required filament specification, such as high tensile, low shrinkage, high modulus versions are available.

Multifilament Production Systems

FET Melt Spinning Extrusion Lines are versatile systems that are designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding production teams in the world. A variety of options are available:-

  • Systems available up to 200kg per hour
  • Machinery for the manufacture of multifilament fibres and yarns
  • Modular concept to match output requirements
  • Material and energy efficient
  • Mono, Bi and Tri-Component technology
  • All combinations of yarn types – UDY, POY, FOY
  • High speed versions up to 6,000 m/m for multifilament
  • High temperature and corrosion resistant versions for special polymers
  • Fully integrated computer control system for data logging, trending and storage




Applications of melt spinning technology

Multifilaments produced on FET Melt Spinning Systems are precursors to a multitude of technical and diverse applications:-

  • Functional textile materials, conductive, temperature & chemical resistant
  • High performance composites
  • High strength, for reinforcing, anti-ballistics
  • Filtration systems
  • Medical devices
  • Construction


Melt spinning for Multifilament applications (FET-101) is available as part of the FET-100 Series, which allows for multiple process options

For more details about melt spinning technology for multifilament, please contact FET for advice.