FET Fibre Development Centre

Following a massive investment programme, FET completed construction and fit-out of its new purpose-built Fibre Development Centre (FDC) in 2023.

This modern two-storey development provides state-of-the-art facilities and the resident equipment reflects the wide range of fibre extrusion systems offered by FET to clients across the globe, enabling continued growth of the company through innovation. Clients frequently spend several days on site participating in development trials and technical sales meetings, so the new FDC is designed to make their stay even more efficient and comfortable.

Typical examples of laboratory applications

Our customers believe strongly in the importance of R&D and innovation and FET shares this conviction. It is our policy to meet your scientific and production requirements and work closely with you to find optimum solutions. We constantly review our product portfolio and extend our range of services when the need arises.

All customer projects are of course treated in the strictest confidence and a high level of security remains in operation at all times.


  • Process and product development
  • Proof of concept testing
  • Sampling and prototyping
  • Textile material engineering
  • Collaborative research
  • Testing and evaluation of polymers & additives
  • Risk testing and elimination


Typical examples materials tested at the Fibre Development Centre

  • Biomedical materials, such as resorbable polymers for use in medical devices
  • Specialized novel fibres from exotic and difficult to process polymers
  • Sustainable polymers, biodegradable and composting materials
  • Textiles for a wide range of composites
  • Functional textile materials, provided by polymer formulation or additives
  • Non-woven materials from viscous polymers
The growing importance of sustainability
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