Multifilament Extrusion lines

Laboratory and Pilot Equipment for Polymer Extrusion 

In recent years, FET has become increasingly focused on the field of hi-tech laboratory and pilot machinery. We excel in finding solutions for challenging projects, working with customers and getting to understand the fine details of what they are seeking to achieve. Our background in providing bespoke extrusion lines for manufacturing systems gives us a broad understanding of processes, configurations and operation – elements that can then be practically applied to pilot and laboratory extrusion equipment.

FET laboratory and pilot bespoke systems

Our Laboratory and Pilot Melt Spinning Extrusion Lines are highly specialised and versatile systems that are designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding research and development teams in the world. They are supplied as self-contained units for ease of installation in a laboratory and/or small scale process evaluation environment. A variety of options are available:-

  • Variety of polymer types
  • All combinations of yarn types – UDY, POY, FOY
  • Multifilament, Monofilament and Non-Woven versions
  • Mono, Bi and Tri-Component technology
  • High speed versions up to 6,000 m/m
  • High temperature versions
  • Corrosion resistant versions for special polymers
  • Fully integrated computer control system for data logging, trending and storage
  • Equipment for additive dosing of extruded polymers


Please contact us for more information about laboratory and pilot extrusion line technology.

Laboratory and pilot applications

FET Laboratory Extrusion Lines are suited to a variety of end uses:

  • R&D concept testing
  • Product development
  • Polymer and additive testing
  • Small batch production
  • New yarn engineering
  • Bio Medical yarns
  • Risk elimination
  • Additive testing


All extrusion lines allow for a high level of bespoke specification to satisfy exacting laboratory conditions. They are ideal for precision melt spinning of exotic polymers and small batch production for medical device applications.