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Customer Reference Sites

FET is proud to have a proven track record, serving blue chip clients worldwide. This example is Centexbel (click here), but we can provide you with a wide range of reference sites across five continents on request.

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FET e-brochures

We are constantly adding to our library of technical knowledge and are always pleased to share with existing and new customers.

Click here for FET-100 Series and FET-200 Lab e-brochures.

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Other technical information is available for downloading below:

Melt Blown Techology for Medical Devices (PDF Document)

Case Study Versatile Research Tool (PDF Document)



FET Laboratory Spunbond system installed at The University of Leeds.

New FET-100 Series Laboratory Melt Spinning System for continuous filament yarn applications installed at the Center for Textile, Indonesia.

Melt Spinning Video