Melt Spinning Systems For
Non-Woven Structures

Developments in the manufacture of non-wovens

As a result of innovative development work by FET, non-woven structures can now be readily made from “difficult to process” polymers. The new processing technology is a unique adaptation of the melt blowing process and makes possible the conversion of a wide range of polymers into non-woven webs, using a single processing stage. For many of our clients, the benefits of single stage manufacturing and the flexibility provided solve many processing problems and give them a substantial competitive edge.

Process applications

New process have been developed in particular for polymers that have properties which would in normal circumstances make them unsuitable for melt blowing, such as high melt viscosity or susceptibility to degradation. These versatile systems enable the extrusion of melt blown nonwovens with a broad span of structures and mechanical properties, such as:

  • Those required for filtration applications
  • Bio-medical applications using resorbable polymers
  • Structures which exploit polymer properties such as thermal and chemical resistance



Along with:

  • Simpler processing route than other techniques such as needle felts
  • There are numerous options for post processing of the web, by calendaring, point bonding or lamination


Equipment for melt spun fibres and yarns can be tailored to precise client requirements and are also available for small batch production, pilot and laboratory applications.


Innovations in non-woven manufacture

Innovations in non-woven manufacture

The ground breaking developments in the design and manufacture of melt blowing equipment by FET are enabling new ranges of non-woven webs to be produced by our clients. These techniques also provide a viable route for manufacturers to develop more innovative products, now and in the future.

If you have any specialist requirements
for melt blown manufacturing of
non-woven structures, please do not
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Melt spinning for Nonwoven applications (FET-102) is available as part of the FET-100 Series, which allows for multiple process options
Nonwovens are frequently developed as sustainable fibres and FET is at the forefront of melt spinning technology used for applications like compostable coffee filters. Find out more on our Sustainability Page.