FET hits £25 million sales in medical device sector

FET has a long tradition and world-leading reputation in the biomedical sector. The company exceeded £25 million in sales in the sector when its 40th melt spinning system was installed recently at a leading suture manufacturer in China.

FET has built strong relationships with several multinational companies, designing and supplying a wide range of equipment, ancillaries and turnkey solutions for strongly regulated biomedical applications. As the market leader in melt spinning systems, FET has been the default supplier to the medical sector, collaborating with clients over extended periods of time, often providing multiple systems to key clients. Our high level of knowledge and experience in the industry enables customers to successfully produce high quality medical grade textile materials from both synthetic resorbable and non-absorbable polymers used in the manufacture of sutures and other medical devices.

An in-depth knowledge about process conditions is essential and technical collaboration with synthetic absorbable polymer suppliers has given FET unrivalled insight into the specific requirements of medical device suppliers. FET can melt spin numerous material formats from resorbable polymers, such as multifilament and monofilament, non-woven structures, bi-component filaments and hollow filaments.

FET’s in-house Process Development Laboratory is at the disposal of customers for all aspects of testing and evaluation. Over the last 15 years, this facility has been extensively utilised by biomedical customers from 22 countries, frequently involving multiple installations and add-ons. With a further eight melt spinning systems already in the order book for 2021, the future looks bright for FET and its customers in the biomedical sector.